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With the state of Arizona having the largest count of different species of Ants these annoying little critters can be found just about anywhere in or around your house. Ants in Phoenix can cause a lot more damage then just being annoying. Depending on the type of Ant problem you have they can cause damage to your landscape or worst of all your home. Not to mention some species of ants in phoenix pack a mean bite.

Fire Ants in Phoenix are very common problem and upon first sight we recommend calling your phoenix ant removal company right away. There are two different types of red fire ants. It can be difficult to determine what species of ant you may have around your home. If you noticed these red fire being very aggressive and attacking anything that comes close or disturbs them. They may Red Imported Fire Ants which have been targeted for extinction by the US Government. The most common red fire ant you will see in or near your home in Phoenix is the Southern Fire Ant.

If you come across ants or fire ants in Phoenix. Chances are that they are the southern fire ant or just regular ants. Our climate here in Arizona makes for a perfect destination for these pesky little guys. Ants will commonly be drawn to sunny areas and make ant hills in your yard or landscape, golf course or field. During the cooler time of the years ants will typically begin to make their way into your home to stay warm and that’s when our ant removal service in phoenix should be taken advantage of.

Fire Ants vs. Regular Ants

  • Fire ants are between 1/16 to 1/4-inch in length. The biggest will be “soldier” ants, while the smaller ones are the “minor” ants.
  • Fire ants are reddish-brown to black in color.
  • Fire ant mounds or nests may be constructed under stones, boards, or other objects.
  • Fire ants also nest in wood or the masonry of houses, especially around heat sources such as fireplaces.
  • Fire ants enjoy warm climates.
  • It is common for fire ants to sting children, typically on the lower extremities.

When choosing a Phoenix ant removal company be sure to consider that All Out Pest Control has a decade plus of experience removing ants and most importantly finding the source of these little buggers. Removing Ants in Phoenix shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt. Although table salt has been a common trap for Ants it is best to find Ant exterminator with experience who can find where they are entering your home and where their home is for a complete and guaranteed removal. You can contact All Out Pest Control 24/7 at 602-915-1814 or via our contact form.